alli day:


Take for 24 hours, repeat q monthly and PRN as needed.

No chores, No work, No Phone. Pick an activity you’ve always wanted to do and go do it, alone. Spend time by yourself to do what YOU want to do. This is your day.

Latest posts:

  • The One With The Epiphany About Crying

    Everything was making me cry. I didn’t go a single day in a month without breaking down. Beautiful things made me cry, sad stories made me cry, happy tears, heartbreak tears, I cried them all! I was convinced something was wrong with me and I needed medical help. 


  • You’re Not the Only One Who’s Single Today

    I’ve been there. In fact I’m there right now. I’m single for the seventh Valentines Day in a row. Putting a ring on a finger and repeating vows to each other doesn’t even guarantee you will never be single again. Nothing in this world is forever.


  • Seasons of Single

    No one on this planet is exempt from being single. Even vows and rings and commitments can’t guarantee we will never be single again. Single is a season, not a punishment and not a status. If we can rewire how we’ve been conditioned to view “single”, it can be one of lifes greatest gifts.


  • My First Covidversary

    How a year later, Covid still controls parts of my life and why not being able to smell is both a blessing and a curse. I’m at the top of the flight of stairs I just climbed, there are a total of ten. They are nothing special. Basic, standard steps that lead up to another…


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Hi, I’m Alli

I am a semi normal girl in her 30’s who blogs about burn out from a nursing career, why time alone is the best gift you can give yourself, and how being single isn’t a death sentence but a gift.

I try to be courageous in my vulnerability and write from my honest heart, but still leave some things out because the key word here is TRYING. Follow along on my journey through this life that doesn’t meet societies standards for a girl in her 30’s, but one that has surprised me on every page.