Challenge Accepted

In 2019 I challenged myself to do a monthly challenge for every month of the year. Sometimes they were physical, sometimes focusing on personal growth, some were to help others, some were for my health. At that time I was still using an old school planner and I would each challenge planned ahead for the year and colour coordinated each month and made big check boxes to check it off every day so I could feel accomplished. 

We are in a global state of unknowns right now. We can’t plan very far ahead, we have no clue what even 2 weeks from now will look like but we do have other opportunities and slightly more time to focus on other things. 

I am starting monthly challenges again! 

Tomorrow is May 1st and I will be doing “1000 skips a day in May” it has a nice ring to it and it’s an easy thing to do from anywhere! I started early to make sure I could do this and I love how even in the last 10 days I can tell I’m getting faster and can do more in a row. I want to time myself tomorrow and then time myself at the end of the month and see how I improve. 

I work full time as a travel nurse and often am placed in small towns with no gyms or fitness centers. I can’t bring a lot of extra things on a plane so I bring my rope and some bands and find rocks to use as weights once I’ve arrived. 

I’d love if you could join me in skipping every day. I am going to link the rope I use here

There are definitely cheaper options as well but I’ve had this rope for 4 years and I absolutely love it! 

If skipping isn’t for you I have created a list of other options you can choose from. 

Health and Fitness Challenges

  • Push up challenge (x amount every day)
  • 10,000 (or more) steps every day
  • Sleep 8 hours a night every single day
  • Dry Month (no alcohol) (Pro tip: this is an easier one in the winter months)
  • Plank challenge (set a time ex. 1 min/day)
  • 100 burpees a day (you have to be slightly crazy for this one but all the power to you if you can hack it!)
  • Yoga every day for a month
  • Squat challenge (there are SO MANY of these online that range from doing the same amount every day or building to a certain number by the end of the month or alternating every day with numbers and even adding weight). 
  • Play your favorite sport or hobby every day for a month, think of how you can improve if you practice something every single day for 30 days (golf, tennis)
  • Couch to 5k or 10k (again several programs for this online)
  • 1000 skips a day
  • 100 jumping jacks a day
  • Drink 4L water every single day
  • No sugar for a month (good luck 🙂 
  • Master the splits within a month
  • Work on a cool party trick to master within a month (handstand push ups, pull ups, a high box jump, a crazy dance move!)
  • Learn a new dance every day
  • Ride your bike every single day for a month
  • Meatless month (if this is too hard, meatless Monday for a month could be a start)
  • Meditate every day for a month
  • Practice grounding (bare feet in the grass, ocean or soil) every day for ten min a day (minimum). 

Community Involvement Challenges:

  • Leave a positive google review every day for a local business
  • Follow, like or share something from a local business every day
  • Participate or join a community event 3 times a week for a month
  • Leave a random note of kindness everyday in neighbors mailboxs, on someones windshield, be creative
  • Do something for a neighbor every week day (rake leaves, shovel snow, visit, drop off food, water plants, walk their dog, babysit)

Environmental Challenges

  • Plastic free month, everything you buy is free from plastic packaging (this is challenging but it’s more doable than you think, also easier to do when markets are in season). 
  • No bag month. Use a backpack, a laundry basket in your trunk, avoid using a plastic bag
  • Pick up garbage for x minutes every day around your neighborhood
  • Don’t drive your car for a month (easier in the summer obviously, bike, walk, carpool, take public transportation)
  • Turn your lights off an hour earlier than normal every day for a month
  • Don’t buy anything new (outside of essentials) for a month
  • Shop from second hand stores for a month
  • Zero waste for a month
  • Compost every scrap for a month


  • Do one random act of kindness a day for a month
  • Write a hand written card to someone every day for a month
  • Work on a project every day for a month (new hobby, puzzle, etc)
  • Find a recipe every day that you want to try (you don’t have to make a recipe every day, just find one and put it in a list)
  • Write down 10 “free gifts” or things you are grateful for, every day for a month
  • Take a cold shower every day for a month (increase your time every day, this is super challenging but has many benefits – (
  • Take a photo of something you see beauty in every single day for a month
  • Social Media fast for a month, or limit to 1 hour a day
  • Don’t swear for a month (good luck)
  • Listen to a podcast every day for a month
  • Make your bed every day
  • Leave a note in your partners work bag, car, mirror, every day for a month
  • Spend x number of minutes a day to teach your dog a new trick
  • Journal every day (either about your day, or find prompts online)
  • Make a new list every day (ex. favorite foods, favorite hikes, favorite books, things you’ve learned this year)

These are just to get you started. Get creative and come up with something that pushes you a little harder than normal and with something that you can see growth, achievement or good come out of it.

Let me know if you’ll be joining me or if you have fun idea’s to add to these lists!

Lets get it!



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