What is an “Alli Day”?

Two and a half years ago I decided to dedicate one day a month that I could block off just for me. Finding a single day a month that I could have off presented quite the challenge in itself because I was constantly adding things to my schedule and was a rookie to the word “no”, however, once I got in the habit of doing this, it became a priority, and was the first thing I planned each month above all other commitments. I don’t think it takes earth shattering data to prove that taking time for yourself is not only beneficial but vital to ones well being. I am a very stubborn person so this didn’t come easy but TRUST me when I say – this is the best gift you can give yourself.

I coined the term “Alli Day” (for obvious reasons) and within a year, most of my social circles knew exactly what my Alli days entailed and knew not to bug me, call me, or make plans with me on this day. I had five rules for my beloved Alli Days.

  1. Turn my cell phone off all day
  2. Do something I want to do, something I picked because it interested ME
  3. Be Alone
  4. No work
  5. No chores

My very first Alli day felt a bit uncomfortable. I wasn’t used to spending time completely by myself. I’ll never forget being at dinner by myself and feeling everyone watching me eat alone wondering if I got stood up on a blind date. I felt exposed and awkward as I fumbled with the paper trying to look like I always ate alone and had no problem with it. However these feelings didn’t last long and after numerous Alli days I can honestly say I feel most at ease when I’m alone and I love what becomes of each day I get to know myself better. I’m aware to some I’m just a giant cheese ball and this doesn’t resonate with them, I’m aware I’m a bit of an odd duck but I want to try to encourage people to push themselves to do new things and try things alone so they can experience what I now know are feelings of contentment, inner peace and self gratitude.

Turning off my phone for this day was and still is probably the best part of this day. Although, it has proven to get me into a semi sticky situation on one day in particular when I needed help, I still feel it has been the most necessary component of my days alone. Shutting off your phone and essentially the world, allows you to get rid of 95% of the distractions around you and solely focus on the present, on the beauty of the world around you and to focus inwards on what you have to offer yourself. When everything around you disappears and you’re forced to look inwards it can be very uncomfortable but like everything…with practice comes ease.

My Alli Days are my gifts to myself. You can’t buy them in a store. You can’t receive them from other people. They can only be given by you and received by you. This is what I love about this. You get out what you put in.

My goal for this blog is to encourage you to create your own “Alli days”, to find beauty in selfishness, to explore, to discover and to learn about your needs and wants from life and to enhance your journey in this thing we call life. I will be blogging about some of my Alli Days to help you start your own “insert name here” days. I will include the best local spots that I have discovered while exploring and will help you navigate along the way.

I dare you RIGHT NOW to open your agenda and book your first one now

Lets do this!

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